This project was a a student group design challenge to develop a concept for a project that in some way applies technology to impact our experience of a place. My group and I decided to focus on our college campus and created a mobile application mockup called "Discover Your Campus" using Adobe XD. 
People are unaware of The College of New Jersey's history and unique campus personality. To create a new way to explore campus whether it be familiar or unfamiliar, we developed a mobile app that will take users on a self guided audio tour of TCNJ. There will be personalized routes that take you on different tours depending on the user. 
Due to time restraints and limitations on Adobe XD, we were not able to implement audio. For the mockup, we created screens that contain transcripts of what the user would hear.
The video below shows a demonstration of the app which we were also able to run on mobile devices to test the interactions.
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